Learning my BioCodes gave me the ability to see through my day to day challenges and helped guide me to effortless solutions.

Frank Pavlik

Executive, CitiCard

Empowerhouse shows us the power that lies within ourselves that will work the miracles that we want and need in our individual lives. Diana Nightengale

Author, International Speaker, CEO of Keys Publishing, Inc.

The “Talk-Codes” secret language  was life changing. My communications skills are incredible. And no one needed to change except me. Brilliant! Donna Brooks

President, Heart & Sol Realty

Owning your power to navigate with freedom through difficult situations is the strongest way to live and to give back to others. Dr. Nari Motahar, M.D. Grady Hospital

This program was incredible. It shows we needed more than intelligence, determination and vision to be a strong leader. When the day’s smaller, unexpected challenges get in our way… learning how to stay empowered and take it on is the key to success. Mark McKenna

Senior Consultant, Level Up

Empowerhouse helped us develop the personal power and resilience to reach new heights more effortlessly. John Stulak President

EthoTech Accounting Software

The BioCode System cuts straight to the heart of what actually works. Learning how to use my everyday challenges as opportunities changed the game completely. Sheryl Covell

President , Saratoga Event Group