Life is full of everything you need to learn, grow and be successful. The accomplishments you want to obtain are crystal clear. Even the understanding of your complaint sheet, the exact things you want to change, improve, fix or get rid of are extremely obvious to you. Life doesn’t hide a single side of any topic.
Many people take seminars, read books, go to classes to seek information to learn all this great info about how to be happy, healthy, successful and powerful in the world, and they even get it!
The information makes sense and is all visibly apparent. We absorb the information while nodding YES the entire time.

BUT – yet time after time, we go back to our challenges in everyday life feeling the “now what?” factor. 

Makes sense when they say it, but how do I do this with my life, my problems, my challenges. We have all of this great information but no clue “how to” to start implementing it and we become even more frustrated and confused.

he formulas in the BioCodes are the guidelines we would have received from this 
“Missing Manual,” that we never got when we came into the world. It contains the essential, key, necessary information needed, that would have been so helpful had we received it on day 1. The “how to” part, so your daily life strengthens along with you.BEST LIFE MANNUAL